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Operations as a Service || Regulatory compliance project management
for Fintech and Crypto businesses.


Source of Funds Ltd. helps businesses setting up or improving their operations, by orchestrating in-house professionals and external service providers.

Our consultancy firm is led by Nevo Lapidot, an experienced operations manager and consultant for various Fintech and Crypto businesses.
Nevo Lapidot is also an active lawyer, a member of the AML committee of the Israel Bar Association, and an expert in crypto regulation (Virtual Assets Service Providers licensing, AML in crypto-assets and banking of crypto related funds).

Operations as a Service

The company has a get s**t done approach, for both short/simple as well as long-term/highly complexed problems.
We use a methodology of mapping the clients' needs and capabilities to make tailored solutions. We help with buying processes of different services and technologies, drafting policies and procedures, driving organizational changes and training of staff.

Regulatory compliance project management

Fintech and Crypto businesses are heavily regulated. Source of Funds Ltd., conducts regulatory risks exposure reviews to make sure clients are compliant with relevant regulations.
We help with licensing projects of active companies and start-ups.
We manage projects with expertise in different regulations: financial services provision, privacy, AML and CFT.

 Expert opinions Crypto

We provide expert opinions for crypto-related legal proceeding and for banking purposes.
Using different technologies -we assess risks related to crypto-assets, explain and visualize their sources and risk exposures.
Since this service is very case specific, please contact for more information.

Knowledge Base

Self-serve library for crypto regulations from around the global.
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